The future of FE as we know it is going through a considerable transition.

The ‘more for less agenda’ has seen colleges merging, re-structuring and losing staff to drive through financial objectives in the hope this will end the year with a surplus whilst maintaining quality and improving outcomes for learners. Uncertainty over government strategic objectives has led to many key figures across the sector speaking out about the motives behind many of the changes and planned initiatives.

FE remains at the core of our workforce development and over the coming years it will it need to adapt to these challenges if it is to remain a valued progression route for learners.

So if we had a crystal ball to determine how these changes will begin to shape the sector, how will it illuminate some of the future skills and aptitudes required and how this mindset will continue to adapt over the coming years? With leadership development playing a central role in building capacity in teams to tackle the challenges that lie ahead, we will see a sector move away from a vertical ‘command and control’ style and embrace a more horizontal ‘distributive’, ‘discursive’ and perhaps sometimes ‘disruptive’ leadership approach.


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