High Staff Productivity in the education sector these days is a challenge! The climate of austerity has led to low moral and higher staff turnover and the challenge of recruiting and retaining high quality individuals is a common theme across infant, secondary, further and higher education sectors. So what is the answer?

Unintended consequences?

If you have ever used systems thinking to get a handle on the intended and unintended consequences of activity then you will at some point realise that even the best laid action plans or risk assessments cannot mitigate some of these factors when it comes to the nitty gritty of real people and their emotions. Morale is a key element of our motivation to give our best when in the classroom but understanding  how we can demonstrate a proactive and positive attitude can’t simply remain with those that manage staff.

1. Say Thank you! Show your appreciation to those around you and acknowledge their effort as it is a valuable leadership quality that doesn’t have to wait until the meeting or boardroom.

2. Make it Count! Challenge the time spent on activity that delivers no gain and offer more practical solutions on how to measure and improve activity that does.

3. Meetings meetings! We spend an average of 25% of our time each week in meetings. Why? If we ask ourselves 3 simple questions; What is the purpose, what is the action and how will we measure it?

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